Our Guests

This page is where we will list our featured guests that we have the pleasure of having on the show. It will include the episode they were on, what it was about, links to their other work, and probably most importantly, how to contact them if you might be able to benefit from their experience or services.

Becky Suglia

 Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Becky joined us to discuss the LGBTQ+ community and the issues they deal with. More information on Becky and her services can be found at:

Also, links to groups that we talked about are:
and the direct lifeline number is 1-866-488-7386

Email me: beckyu3healing@gmail.com

Alex Ellis

Barely Braided Podcast Host / Foster and Adoptive Parent

On our “Crossover” episode, Alex of Barely Braided and I talked about our lives as foster parents.


Email me: alex@theellisproject.com


Foster Parent / Adoptive Parent

Coming soon

Email me: mail@example.com