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  • Laundry and Toilets and Baking, OH MY!
    Foster kids need a sense of belonging (and Momma needs some help!), so I think it’s absolutely acceptable and beneficial to everyone to assign kiddos chores, tasks, ways to help, whatever your family calls them. Kids want to be included, they want to feel proud and accomplished, they want to spend time with you, and learning a sense of responsibility or helping others is extremely important and can be introduced early. Each family may handle it…More
  • Expectation vs. Reality
    As we’re beginning this podcast and are considering posting blogs in addition to the podcast, I went back to some blogs that I wrote years ago in the very, very beginning of our foster story. I found a few that are some of my favorites, that I feel others can either relate to or learn from, so I will post a few here, with maybe an updated version or notes from my viewpoint on it now.…More
  • 1st Episode released
    Well, we pulled the trigger, and our 1st episode has been released into the wild. It is a little slow starting, but gets better as it goes. We had to find our groove. So please be gentle with your critiques on it, but also, please tell us what you think and how you would like to see future episodes go. That being said, I promise that it will continue to get better as we go. We…More
  • Who is Phil Wheeler
    So, for starters, Who Am I… My name is Phil, and I’m a foster parent. However that is just one facet of me, but we will start there. My wife, Mindy, and I set off on our foster journey early in 2015. We had talked about it for a number of years, mostly due to fertility issues that we were facing, and we wanted a family. So, why not start a family AND help out kiddos…More

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