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About Us

My wife Mindy and I have been foster parents for a little more than 5 years. Through our journey, we have learned quite a bit, but there is ALWAYS more to learn. We have found that one of the best sources for learning is from others who are walking a similar path. Thus, this podcast was born. By talking to other foster parents, we hope we can help get good information out there to other foster parents. Keep in mind, what works for one, will typically not work for all, so your mileage may vary. But most good advice and ideas can be adapted to your unique situation.

In addition to other foster parents, we will be talking to former foster kiddos, case workers, mental health professionals, and many others. If someone has something to do with the foster care system, we want to talk to them.

NOTE: We are located in Pennsylvania, and most of what is stated will be based on Pennsylvania laws/rules/regulations/guidelines.

DISCLAIMER: We are not caseworkers, mental health professionals, or attorneys. We are human, and will from time to time make mistakes. Please use any information presented or advice given with caution, and do some checking to make sure it is applicable to YOUR situation and to YOUR locale.

All the information published on this website, or in any article herein is true and accurate to the best of the authors’ knowledge. Information on this site should not be a substitute for legal advice. No liability is assumed by our hosts or guests, for losses suffered by any person or organization relying directly or indirectly on information published on this site. Views expressed in any article and podcasts are the views of the authors, hosts, and guests individually and do not necessarily reflect the view of Finding the Joys in the Journey.

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